0 barriers: Why we love our open concept office

Side by side, face to face. There are zero barriers in our office!

This open office concept has facilitated collaboration, strengthened our bonds, and created a favourable working environment.

Our team members share why they adore the open office setting.


It is certainly a good thing for me - I don’t have to move around to discuss work with the production team members! Whenever I need to gather feedback on videos I edit, I just have to turn my computer screen around, show the videos to team members, and receive feedback immediately. I can get my work done faster!


When doing my assignments, I can ask questions immediately if I face any doubts. Being newly exposed to the job scope, I do meet challenges along the way and have many questions (sorry mentor Ruth!) It would have been really difficult if we are all seated in our own space and I have to keep walking over to ask questions.


It is really fun to work in an open office environment. I always find team members’ discussions interesting. I can even pitch in my own ideas. It is also a great way to learn what each team is working on.


At SG Story, we also have the flexibility to choose our working space in the office. For times when we work on tasks that require deep focus or when we have to go on private calls, we can head to the small meeting rooms.

This concept has encouraged openness and transparency, and built a sense of trust. It makes SG Story a welcoming and comfortable workplace!