Five ways to combat food coma

Ever felt food coma hit you hard like a truck? Don't worry! You are not alone.

We spoke to a few of our team members and here are some of their favourite ways to recharge on a typical workday and fight the Zzz monster.

Have A Laugh

Laughter is said to be the best medicine. Binge-watchers Jerelyn, Vivian and Sheryl are often heard giggling at TikTok videos together. The cringier, the better!

Connect With Nature

Nature never goes out of style. Nature lovers, Aaron and Winnie love taking a stroll around the office area to give their eyes a break. They are always reminding team members to look at some greenery and breathe some fresh air to destress.

Stay Sweet

Sugar? Yes, please! You will definitely find Shaun and Yukie at a café ingesting their ‘pick-me-up’ coffee and snacks when the clock strikes 3pm. Living up to the typical Singaporean title, the pair admitted that those treats taste even better when there is a one-for-one promotion!

Strike Up A Conversation

Being a curious soul, Leslie is always keen to find out about what people have to say. According to his [wise] words, some of his best ideas came from the light-hearted break-time conversations. Who said that “eating snake” (slacking) was a waste of time?

Shop ‘Til You Drop

Fashionista Ruth shared that she would do some online shopping and browse through fashion catalogues to get inspiration for her next outfit.

What are your favourite ways to take a break to recharge? We would love to know! Check out our Instagram page @sgstory for more interesting times in the office!