It’s no longer just dress down Friday!

Stand along any stretch of road at Raffles Place or Shenton Way during lunchtime. You will see men in wrinkle-free shirts and pants, and ladies in pencil skirts, high heels, and heavy makeup.

But who's to say that this is the standard #OOTD at the Central Business District (CBD)?

We will like to raise our flag and declare that we are unlike the norm! Being comfortable - in our t-shirts, bermudas, and sneakers - is our top priority. We love the freedom of dressing up every day, according to our styles, mood, and comfort level.

Young and Hip

First up, we have the cool duo, Leslie and Amber. Spot what sets them apart from the crowd 😎

“I trust comfort over style!”

- Leslie, 2k19

Asian Royalty

Next, we present our designer, Jerelyn, who loves the Japanese culture.

Her style is often inspired by the intricate Japanese art and animes she enjoys. Just look at the elegant prints on the cardigan and stylish earrings!

Empowering Style

Last but not least, here’s our confident fashionista, Ruth! She loves dressing up and is truly our modern chic icon. If there is an event to attend, we can trust her to go all out - doing her hair and even painting her nails to fit the event or brand’s colour scheme.

Dress for the Occasion

Amidst the fun and flexibility, we also understand the importance of dressing up for meetings and client events. Here are our team members dressed to impress!

Attending our client’s launch events with a clean look - simple white shirt or blouse and a pair of dark jeans.

Now, imagine heading out for lunch in CBD, deck in formal attire under the afternoon sun. No thanks!