It's time to find a hobby!

Life without music will not be the same for Shaun, our narrative specialist.

He shares the importance of having hobbies and how they inspire him in our #EmployeeSpotlight series which features team members, and provides a glimpse of what it’s like to work in SG Story.


What hobbies/interests do you have outside of work? Describe them!

I love to sing. In fact, I sing everywhere I go. Even at work, I sing to myself, or to annoy my colleagues (looks intensively at Rachelle) HAHA. I also sing and perform in an A Cappella group - New Recording 47. Sometimes, I will write songs and arrange music for the group.

Why do you enjoy doing them?

Music has been my passion ever since I was a kid. Composing or arranging music allows me to express all kinds of emotions - sad, happy, funky, flip my hair under the rain and go “WHOOooOaoao”. It allows me to be creative. It is a medium for me to share my stories and experiences, be it personal or from a third person’s point-of-view, to the people close to me, and eventually, the whole world.

Do you think it is important for working people to have hobbies outside of work?

Yes! I feel that hobbies and interests make up a good portion of your personality, and it is very important to have a personality. Define yourself, don’t let others do that.

What has music taught you about work life/marketing?

Music inspires me. Drawing inspiration is essential to what we do as marketers. Inspired ideas will spark interesting creations.

Just a small advice to anyone reading this: Pick up a hobby or an interest you’re passionate about, do it if you don’t already have.