What we thought we’d never get to try as interns

By Yolande, Zoe, Sherry, Sheryl, Vivian, Yukie

[From left to right: Yolande, Zoe, Sherry, Sheryl, Vivian, Yukie]

"Interns are hired to make coffee!"

"Interns are hired to do sai kang (menial tasks)!"

"Interns do not learn anything!"

These were what we thought when ‘internship’ comes to mind.

Having no prior relevant job experiences, and not knowing what to expect, we were extremely apprehensive of how we will survive our internship. Will we be spending four months of our youth running errands and making coffee?

Thankfully, none of us made the cut as a barista (although we admit it is quite a cool skill to have) because we have been (freakin’) involved in helping out with client work. Read on to learn about what we have accomplished during our time here!


I was honoured to be able to help with the grand opening of the world’s first NERF Action Xperience arena. One of the tasks was media and influencer RSVP for the launch event where I had to liaise and pitch for event attendance to the local media such as Little Red Dot and The Business Times! I also assisted with a feature video shoot with Business Insider Singapore. It was such a good experience for me as it has widened my knowledge of the local media landscape, and at the same time, allowed me to gain some event organisation skills.


I am part of the production team that develops video assets for our clients. One of my main tasks is to research, cold-call, and connect with local hawkers to seek permission and secure their interests to participate in our video shoots. It was initially really scary as I need to communicate with so many people… but I am glad I gained the confidence and improved my communication skills. Not forgetting my Mandarin too!


I had the opportunity to contribute to a client’s proposal by doing competitors’ analysis. I also worked on coverage reports which are a record of the media’s articles based on our press release distribution. I am grateful to be entrusted with such critical tasks!

Sheryl and Vivian:

Both of us are part of the Business Development team, and have been working on the same projects. On top of helping to develop SG Story’s self-serve, machine-learning marketing platform - CStory, we do byline articles, social media audits, media intelligence reports and media coverage reports. We have learnt so much during our internship that it was so hard recalling all that we did for this article.


There are three words to describe my internship: FUN. EYE-OPENING. INSPIRING. I am a part of the production team and we are always running around the island doing shoots. We mostly film interview videos. A category of people that I have filmed are the hawkers. We ask them to share about their experiences as a hawker and the background of the stall, such as their beginnings and mission. It is eye-opening and they have so many life values to impart. It has been a really meaningful experience!’


Apart from client-related work, we are also contributing content to the company’s own digital assets: Instagram, Facebook and blog. We are glad to be able to gain these essential marketing skills as social media and the internet is TAKING OVER THE WORLD.

One thing for sure, these real-world experiences have opened our eyes to #adultinglife. While the tasks can be challenging at times, they honed our foundation skills in marketing, unlike what we learn from our textbooks.

Lastly, here is a small tip for you if you are a prospective intern at any company: Have an open mind, learn to adapt, and do not be afraid to take on challenges!